Mini-Circuits’ Coaxial Bi-Directional Coupler Handles 250W from 380 to 3700 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ ZGBDC6-372HP+ is a high-power, wideband coaxial directional coupler supporting a wide variety of applications from 380 to 3600 MHz.  This model is capable of handling up to 250W RF input power and passing up to 3A DC current from input to output.  It provides 6 dB nominal coupling with ±0.3 dB flatness, 0.29 dB insertion loss, 24 dB return loss, and 20 dB directivity.  Housed in a rugged sealed package (5.93 x 2.4 x 1.0”) with N-Type connectors, the coupler is ideal for use in field applications and remote monitoring sites as well as high power lab testing

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