Mini-Circuits’ 60W Surface-Mount 2-Way 90° Hybrid, 1000 to 6500 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ QCH-652+ is a high-power, surface-mount 2-way 90° hybrid capable of handling up to 60W RF input power for applications over a wide bandwidth from 1000 to 6500 MHz.  This model provides low insertion loss of 0.6 dB and 19 dB port-to-port isolation.  With 0.8 dB amplitude unbalance and 5° phase unbalance (relative to 90°), the hybrid produces nearly equal output signals with 90° phase shift, ideal for I/Q systems, balanced amplifiers, antenna feeds, and many more applications.  The splitter is designed in to a miniature printed laminate measuring only 1.8 x 0.4 x 0.19” with wraparound terminations for good solderability and easy visual inspection.



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