Mini-Circuits’ Coaxial 6-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner Handles 20W Power from 600 to 6000 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ ZN6PD1-63-S+ is a coaxial 6-way 0° splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 600 to 6000 MHz.  This model is capable of handling up to 20W RF input power as a splitter and provides 2 dB insertion loss, 20 dB isolation, 10° phase unbalance, 0.8 dB amplitude unbalance and DC current passing up to 0.6A (100mA each port).  The splitter features SMA connectors and comes housed in an aluminum alloy housing measuring only (4.25 x 9.5 x 0.50”), saving space in crowded layouts.

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