CODACA Releases High Current Power Inductor CPEX3635L with Saturation Current Up to 126A

CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer, today introduces super high current power inductor CPEX3635L series with 126A saturation current, 37.5*36.0*34.2mm size, which is designed for energy storage, high current power supply applications.

CPEX3635L series has exceptional performance with low DCR and ultra-low AC losses with flat-wire design, which minimizes losses and reduces temperature rise.


  • Saturation current up to 126 A
  • Low DCR range : 0.30mΩ ~ 6.18mΩ
  • Operating temperature of -55°C to +150 °C
  • Soft saturation, more stable inductance and saturation under the high operating temperature


  • High efficiency DC/DC converters
  • Energy storage
  • Power supply
  • Photovoltaic inverter
  • Charging pile/Charging station
  • Battery testing equipment, aging test equipment
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Data Center

:For access to production information and CODACA’s design tools, please visit

Environment Standard

.CPEX3635L series features RoHS, REACH-compliant, Halogen-Free

Production status

.In mass production, lead time is 6-8 weeks

.Samples will be available Digi-Key marketplace soon

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