Mini-Circuits’ Ultra-Wideband MMIC Precision Fixed Attenuator, DC to 40 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ KAT series of MMIC precision fixed attenuators extends coverage to a wide array of applications from DC to 40 GHz including 5G systems, microwave communications, satellite, defense and aerospace, and more. These fixed-value, absorptive attenuators are fabricated through highly repetitive MMIC processing with thin-film resistors on GaAs substrates and achieve ultra-wideband performance.  Model KAT-4+ provides 4 dB nominal attenuation with ±0.3 dB flatness, 1.7W RF power handling, and 1.2:1 typical VSWR. KAT-series attenuators are housed in tiny 2x2mm QFN packages giving users the capability to utilize pick and place assembly for high frequency applications


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