Mini-Circuits’ Wideband, Flat-Gain MMIC Amplifier Covers 0.01 to 9 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ GVA-93+ is a wideband, flat-gain-MMIC amplifier supporting a wide range of applications from 0.01 to 9 GHz.  Fabricated using InGaP HBT technology, this model provides 16.9 dB gain with ±0.7 dB flatness from 0.05 to 8 GHz, eliminating the need for gain flattening components in wideband systems.  It achieves outstanding return loss (20 dB typ. at 2 GHz) without any external matching required, +16 dBm P1dB, and +25 dBm OIP3.The amplifier operates on a .single +5V supply and comes housed in a tiny SOT-89 package with excellent ESD protection (HBM class 1C; 1000V to <2000V)

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